Coffee Book Tag

The Coffee Tag was one of my favorite videos to watch when it first popped up in the Bookutube-asphere a few months back and as a founding member of the CAA support group (Caffeine Addicts Anonymous) I knew it needed to go to the top of my blogging laundry list!

1. Black- A series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.
 Harry-Potter-by-J.K.-RowlingThis tag is purely subjective, simply my opinions that don’t necessarily represnt the majority of readers.  That being said, it’s not my intention to alienate any potential readers this early on in my blog, but I just could not get into the Harry Potter series.  Granted, I only read the first two books and I’ve been told it’s a series that just gets better with every book, but still, even Sorcerers Stone is garnished with five star reviews left and right.  It really was me, not HP.  I am not a reader who enjoys books that focus on magical elements  (even if there is very real themes in the works) and Harry just couldn’t break the curse for me.  There’s no doubt though that HP has hardcore fans, I’m pretty sure that through the sale of books, movie, fangirl paraphernalia it is it’s own infrastructure.
2. Peppermint Mocha- A book that gets more popular during the winter or festive time of the year.
For this I couldn’t think of one specific book that stands out as a cozy weather read and instead chose an entire genre of books that seem to get a lot more attention as the temperature drops; epic historical fiction.  That’s right, the often 500 page + novels telling stories of war, romance, or betrayal (and in most cases all three at once) in past times are much better suited for sweater weather under a blanket than bikini season on th beach.
3. Hot Chocolate- Your favorite childrens book.
There are so many books that always make me nostalgic for childhood reading, but A-Coal-Miners-Bride-bookmy number one will always be A Coal Miners Bride, my all time favorite book in Scholatic’s amazing Dear America series.   They’re easily accessible to elementary aged kids, with the perfect amount of  historical elements that make it educational without being dry.  I’ve always wondered why Scholastic never wrote a teaching tool that would allow both social studies and reading teachers to do a combined lesson plan, as a grade schooler that would’ve made the two so much more engaging!
4. Doubleshot of Espresso- Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
The Archived by Victoria SchwabThis one was a tough call, there are just so many authors who blend the perfect amount of suspense, action, and top notch excitement into their books.  Ultimately though the title went to Victoria Schwab, author of the one of a kind The Archived dualogy (among other totally awesome work).  Her first book had such a rich, detailed premise that was unlike anything I’d ever read before and her second just continued building onto it, crafting a world that has stayed vivid in my mind in the months since I read it.  Really, just read them! However, be prepared that these books will leave you an emotional, close to nail biting, wreck as the story leaves you in suspense about the characters well being,
5.  Starbucks- Name a book you see everywhere.
Every year this one changes, at the moment though I would have to say it’s the Cinder-by-Marissa-MeyerCinder series which I, shamefully, admit to having only read the first book of.  With every book new author Marissa Meyer releases in the dystology they only continue to go up in ratings, and as reviewers eagerly await for the conclusion to her series this fall (Winter has been on every blogger, Goodreader, and Booktubers most anticipated list for 2015) I would say interest in the series could hardly be any higher.   I think I have a new must read in the coming months!
6.  That Hipster Coffee Shop- Give a book by an indie author a shoutout.
Going Over book coverLet me just say I love indie authors.  There’s something so special about going into a library or bookstore and finding a mind blowing book that wasn’t even on your radar.  So I chose my favorite book with under 1,000 Goodreads ratings: Going Over by Beth Kephart.  It’s shocking to me that her books aren’t more well known, they have eye catching cover art, interesting premises, and an almost 4.25 average rating to back all that up.  This particular story is about two star crossed lovers separated by the Berlin Wall at the height of communism.  It’s expertly researched, thought provoking, and has an incredibly diverse cast of characters.  Prepare to hear a few more gushes about it in the future.
7. Oops! I Accidentally Got Decaf!- A book you were expecting more from.
It’s practically impossible to find a ’90s teen who hasn’t read Stephen Chbosky’s Thethe-perks-of-being-a-wallflower Perks of Being a Wallflower.  In fact it practically defined an era of readers.  That generation though was a little before my time and until the movie adaptation spurred me to pick it up last year I had never read it.  Unfortunately, I wish I could still be in book bliss about it. In most cases I understand the appeal (even  if it doesn’t work for me) of a book, and why some readers can absolutely adore it. The Perks of Being a Wallflower totally defied that rule though. I found Charlie unrelatable and unlikable, hated the writing style, and found it pretentious. Anyone else out there feel the same way?
8.  The Perfect Blend-  Name a book, or series, that was both bitter and sweet but ultimately satisfying.
What-HappensNext-by-Colleen-ClaytonWhat Happens Next by Colleen Clayton was my favorite book of 2014 and fits that description to a tee.  Clayton is a master at building characters, and from page one I was rooting for the sassy and spunky Sid as I watched her grow so much as a character, overcoming obtsacles and mending relationships with her mom, friends, and the adorable love interest Corey.  The story has a difficult theme at it’s core, but the book is so much more than that, being both a romance, a family story, and an uplifting story about breaking free from stigmas.  Worth checking out for anyone who loves a good contemporary.
 Thanks for reading! I would love it if anyone would tell me what books make them think of their favorite cup of brew (so I can add it to my ever growing mountain of a TBR of course!).
Here is the fabulous original video for you guys to check out-

3 thoughts on “Coffee Book Tag

  1. Don’t apologies for not liking Harry Potter. It was not the book for you, simply as that. 🙂

    I also saw Cinder everywhere, but I didn’t read it yet. Usually, the “hysteria” puts me off.


      1. Maybe it would be a good thing to not read the reviews -especially the ones that are to hype, just the synopsis. 😀


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