ALL My Unfinished Series

Happy Friday! In preparation for a big weekend free of distractions (cough, cough Netflix) and devoted to reading I thought it would be therapeutic for my conscious to air all my dirty laundry to the reading community, a.k.a ALL the series in my recent literary life that I’ve failed to complete in their entirety. So low and behold, my TBR of shame!

1. Bad Girls Don’t Die trilogy by Katie Alender

Bad-Girls-Don't-Die-by-Katie-AlenderBad Girls Don’t Die is one of the few books on this list that I absolutely adored, but never continued past the first installment. It’s been so long now (almost two years) that I honestly don’t recall what the hold up was in reading From Bad to Cursed and As Dead As It Gets other than, sheesh, outside responsibilities. What I do remember though was breaking out into spontaneous fits of laughter over the sheer cleverness of Alender’s writing, how much I wanted to give the heroine, Lexi, a big bear hug, and considering investing in a night light after being genuinely spooked by the creepiness that ensues all throughout the book.  While it might be too late for me to pick up where I left off, I highly recommend anyone even slightly interested in the premise to pick the series up and marathon it straight to the end.

2. Mind Games duology by Kiersten White


I read Mind Games a few years back after hearing rave reviews about the authors Paranormalcy series, during a time when all I wanted to pick up was fast faced fluff. While I did enjoy Mind Games for what it set out to achieve, it is indeed edge of your seat exciting and takes very little brain activity to fly through, there was nothing about it that really blew my mind and compelled me to pick up Perfect Lies. My own little pearl of wisdom is that life is just too short to spend time reading lackluster books. That isn’t to say I’m not curious though about how White wrapped everything up, so if anyone has read it I would love it if they would spoiler alert me!

3. The Fifth Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey


I have a legitimate, provable, 100% true reason for never reading The Infinite Sea the second it came out, despite The Fifth Wave earning top honors as my favorite book of 2013. So here Megan of a year ago was eagerly anticipating the release of a sequel she was sure to love, second on the libraries waiting list, avoiding the Internet so as not to see spoilers, and having unofficially marked a Saturday of her calendar off as she was sure to need at least a day to collect her feelings on this modern literary masterpiece. Then came the ARC reviews, most of which were mediocre in comparison to its predecessor. Oh well I thought, reviewers are the fashion police of the book world, they get joy in cruelly ripping apart other peoples work, right? But then tragedy struck; as I paroozed Goodreads in the hopes of stumbling across a flock of five star ratings by the general public I was met with the results no reader ever wants to see; people hated it. Actually, that is a little harsh. My fellow readers didn’t necessarily think it was an abomination to the genre, but their bar of expectations was sky high and the actual result was more tree top level. Not wanting this amazing world to be besmirched forever I cancelled my hold, changed my monthly TBR, and intended to lock The Fifth Wave away in the vault of my memory.  As time has gone on though more and more reviewers say that it really was not that bad, it just paled in comparison to what they expected meaning that it is very VERY likely that in anticipation for the movie adaptation (stay tuned for a trailer reaction!) I pick up The Infinite Sea in the hopes it was just going through a rough sophomore slump. 

4. Cinder dystology by Marissa Meyer

My feelings for the Cinder series are about the closest thing to a literary roller Cinder-by-Marissa-Meyercoaster as will ever be humanly possible. It first came on my radar about two and a half years ago after a string of ridiculously high ratings began bombarding my Goodreads feed. Knowing me of course I had to jump on the band wagon and see what all the hype was about, leading me on a mad dash to the library to pick up my copy. Only problem was, I didn’t instantly fall in love the way so many readers described. Not to say it hated it, in fact it had one of the most innovative plots I’ve read in recent history (I credit it with spurring me to pick up a host of amazing fairy tale re-tellings), but it was hardly a rainbows, butterflies, and fairies experience. Cinder just didn’t turn my crank, but I have a feeling that’s more me as a reader than Meyer as a writer. I am on the fence though about reading Scarlet as each book seems to get progressively better (if that’s even possible considering the ratings for Cinder were sky high), and with the final book coming in November there may be no time like the present to get with the program and read it!

5. The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner

The-Maze-Runner-by-James-Dashner Immediately following my The Hunger Games love affair I was reading anything and everything in the same dystopian vain I could get my hands on.  The Maze Runner seemed like the perfect  fit, every publishing house recommended it as the perfect solution to a book hangover, I’ve enjoyed lots of Dashner’s previous works, and the idea behind the trilogy is extremely interesting. Only thing was, I don’t think it needed to be a trilogy. In fact, there was barely enough juice for a single book yet alone two more. Apparently the publishing house behind the trilogy must’ve thought so as well as friends of mine have all said that the following books go off in this weird, semi unrelated direction, to the point where it’s hard to even remember what the first book was about. So that is why, coupled with the fact I really disliked the first movie, I have no regrets on never intending to borrow The Scorch Trials and see how everything wrapped up; I was merely never that interested.

That wraps it up, the most notable series I’ve read in recent book history that I never read the conclusion of. Any that you guys would recommend me picking up again and giving it one final go? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. You didn’t really think I only had seven unfinished series, did you? There’s a host of others that I dropped for inexplicable reasons years ago and couldn’t remember the specific details of what happened, suffice a simple list for future reference and possible resurrection.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth (didn’t care for the first book)

Dairy Queen (like I need more football in my life)

Ashes (the sequels are book behemoths)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (not my cup of tea)

Pretty Little Liars (SIXTEEN books…need I say more)

Unwind (life happens)

Inkheart (I prefer the movies)

Article 5 (ughh)

Delirium (I love Lauren Oliver but not that trilogy)

Matched (too much good dystopian out there to waste time on this trilogy)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (need to prepare for hard core head pounding)

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