Top Five Books I Want to Read This Fall

My Goodreads TBR has more than six hundred books cumulatively piled on it over a time frame of three years. Even more shocking? I added eighty of them just in September and October new releases. Pretty ridiculous I know. Not wanting to get lost in a sea of books I thought it necessary that I give my fall reading list a little structure, a lighthouse per se to keep me on task with my reading. After much consideration here are the five books I ‘m most anticipating getting my hands on in the coming months.the-detour-by-s.a.-bodeen The Detour by S.A. Bodeen

The only way I can describe the plot of this upcoming new release is Misery meets Becca Fitzpatrick’s Black Ice. I’m hoping though that the award winning author of The Compound leans more in the direction of the former with her latest about a teen YA author (who admittedly seems like a brat) kidnapped by her two biggest fans in route to a writers conference and held captive with no escape in site. Looking at the ARC reviews of this it seems like people were firmly in two camps with this one, those who loved it to pieces and others who just barely didn’t stop mid way through to mark as DNF. As I said earlier if it follows in the vain of Stephen King’s classic psychological mind blender I can see myself devouring it in one sitting, on the flip side the other book I compared it too, Black Ice, is nothing more than teenage angst and fluff placed in a high-octane setting. With a premise like the one given though I’m more than willing to take the risk of it being a bust. This is one I see myself reading in the first few weeks of publication and I would love it if you guys would keep me updated on your thoughts as well.

dumplin'-by-julie-murphyDumplin’ by Julie Murphy

The book world is a buzz with love for Dumplin’. I’ve seen this one on just about every blogger and booktuber’s page out there as one of the most highly anticipated reads of the season. In fact I think you would be hard pressed to find a YA lover out there who wasn’t familiar with the body positive message behind it. So many of my most trusted reviewers have raved about just how great a job it does at shattering the glass ceiling of YA and putting a new spin on well worn clichés of the genre. I’ve already read the first chapter in anticipation for when I can finally get my hands on the full book and I can vouch that Willowdean is every bit the hilarious sass master the blurb makes her out to be, while also being inherently lovable and kick butt at the same time.  Also, Bo (swoon). We don’t see too much of the love interest that shakes up Willowdean’s confidence and ignites the conflict of the book in the first few pages but what I did read about him made my heart grow three sizes and sigh at the impossibility of book boyfriends. If I were you guys I would expect a review of this one in the forth coming weeks.

daughters-unto-devils-by-amy-lukavicsDaughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics

I’m the biggest baby when it comes to scary things but every year I vow to myself that I will read at least one creeptastic book to get me in the Halloween spirit. This year, with the discover of Daughters Unto Devils, I intend to actually keep that pact to myself. Initially the cover and blurb spooked me to all get out and instantly I tossed it back to the recesses of my memories, never to be thought of again. Upon further inspection though I realized the book might not actually leave me running to the hardware store to invest in a night light, but instead be more of a gothic tale that relies heavily on the readers imagination to create suspense. While the book certainly has the potential to be frightening, in its purest form it’s about a girl on the brink of insanity whose The Hills Have Eyes-esque family move to a cabin shrouded in mysterious happenings, I think they’ll be a lot more at play for the author to devote her attention on. This book is basically the wild west as far as the books on this list go I haven’t read much of anything at all (so if you’ve heard anything, let me know) on what other readers feelings were about it so I guess I’ll be trailblazing for others.         

violent-ends-by-shaun-david-hutchinsonViolent Ends by Shaun David Hutchinson

This is a compilation from seventeen authors, all of whom tell a unique perspective of  multiple victims in a high school shooting; connecting back to what led a seemingly gifted boy to opening fire on his classmates. The idea behind this is just so captivating; it’s not about the shooting itself or what went down in the aftermath but instead a picture of the many seemingly unconnected roles people can play that ultimately snowball into mass destruction. Stories like this have potential to either handle an extremely personal hot button issue with grace and understanding, or implode under their own weight leading to a fiery hot mess. I feel though that this one will be more like the former; a subtle observational piece fraught with emotional connections and stellar characterization. This will be my first ever anthology type book since I skipped out on the My True Love Gave To Me band wagon last Christmas, but I’m super excited to expand my horizon and read something that breaks my traditional reading mold. Also, the fact that one of my favorite authors, Kendare Blake, is attached to the story is only the icing on the cake.

the-death-and-life-of-zebulonThe Life and Death of Zebulon Finch, Volume One: At the Edge of Empire by Daniel Kraus

As I explained with Violent Ends one of my 2015 New Year Resolutions was to expand my reading horizons a bit and step out of my shell…and since we’re down to the final months of the year there is no time like the present.  Zebulon Finch is a modern epic (seriously, it’s 650 + pages)  due out in October about a teenage boy resurrected from the dead who then goes on to live an immortal life throughout all the important events of the early 20th century. It sounds like it could be a bit slow but as someone who has always reflected on what role I would play if I could live through all the main time periods of American history the premise certainly intrigues me. I see Zebulon playing a bit of an anti-hero/villain role in the book but right now I’m really digging that type of characterization so as long as he has some redeemable personality traits I think he’ll be wildly entertaining.  Also, don’t even get me started on that cover art. It’s color scheme is so fitting to the book’s plot and  the style of artwork is so in the vain of graphic novels I initially thought it was a comic book. I don’t know, there’s just something about the book’s cover that really gets me excited to see what’s inside. One I’ll have to set aside a weekend for, but nonetheless one I’ll certainly be getting to!

So what books are you guys most excited to spend your summer savings on in the coming months? Just dare me to get that TBR up to the seven hundred book mark. 🙂

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