Most Anticipated New Releases of October

‘ve been doing a lot of these types of posts lately as in my October TBR and Top Five Books I Want To Read This Fall. This one is unique though as it is a 100% complete list of the books awaiting publication in October that I intend on reading, be it next week or in October 2016. So, ranked in order of release, the not quite ten books being added to my reading list over the course of the next two months.

future-perfect-by-jen-larsenFuture Perfect by Jen Larsen- October 6, 2015

I’ve got to say I’m loving all the body positive books that will be available to young women by the end of 2015. There’s just something so uplifting about a character who is totally confident and at ease in their own skin from cover to cover of a book, I swear it makes the reader feel a little better about the world around them. Future Perfect follows in the vain of much hyped fellow new release Dumplin’  (the two books with undoubtedly be compared against each other) about high school senior Ashley, a great character I will surely like to become book besties with if the synopsis does her any justice. Faced with the pressures of seemingly everyone around her to lose weight, even if the number on the scale is nothing more than that to her, Ashley must decide if she’s willing to compromise her sense of self for the expectations of others. I’m very excited to see what new perspective Larsen brings to the sensitive issue of body image, expect to see this on my currently reading shelf soon!          

the-rest-of-us-just-live-here-by-patrick-nessThe Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness- October 6, 2015

Patrick Ness is one of my favorite authors. His books always offer groundbreaking insight on our world and I can always count on him to break the ho hum cycle of common trends in YA. With his latest he’s doing just that but in a kind of reverse; offering up a story from the perspective of an everyday joe schmo. That’s right Mikey, the protagonist, is not the guy chosen to fight zombies, conquer world hunger, or make any real impact at all. I think this is a genius idea and one I’ve often wondered about myself; what if someone chose to write a book about the guy no one seems to think about. Really that’s what books are all about, connecting with a character through mutual experience, but how can us readers be expected to do that when every guy walking down the street is a hero? I feel like this one will be very positive and inspiring, surely one to read when I need a smile brought to my face.

orbiting-jupiter-by-gary-schmidtOrbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt- October 6, 2015

This one’s very premise is a sucker punch to the gut. Leave it to Gary Schmidt though to convince anyone that doesn’t think middle grade can cause full on ugly tears to fall otherwise.  Orbiting Jupiter follows Jack,12, the son of foster parents who’ve taken in Joseph,14, a troubled teenager who has fathered a daughter he has never before seen but is determined to find. Both boys will learn hard life lessons and be forced to confront hard truths in their search for happiness. I mean sounds like the sobs will be a coming right? This will be a very short read, it’s only one hundred sixty pages, but nevertheless I’m sure it will be emotionally taxing as all get out. This is such a complex subject with many viewpoints that will have to be addressed for it to pack it’s desired punch but if any author is up for the challenge it’s Gary Schmidt.

an-inheritance-of-ashes-by-leah-bobetAn Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet- October 6, 2015

So many book bloggers/reviewers/booktubers swear by fantasy as their favorite genre and the standard by which all other books they read are compared. I’ve never really connected on any great level though with a fantasy book, Harry Potter or otherwise, and as such I identify myself in the camp of the much under appreciated historical fiction or contemporary genre. This fantasy book due to come out tomorrow though has peaked my interest in a big way. It’s not coming out by any big name in the business, nor do I think it’s even represented by a mainstream publishing house but nevertheless it’s perhaps this anonymity that has me dying to read it. In fact the premise, one of a young girl bringing about monsters and demons of a far off mysterious war, asks far more questions than it actually answers. I’m more than due though to write a fantasy review for Megnificent and I think this debut will be the perfect place to start.

the-detour-by-s.a.-bodeenThe Detour by S.A. Bodeen- October 6, 2015

This is one of the five books I mentioned in my run down of the books I’m most anticipating reading in the coming months so for a more and depth look at my feelings on the premise you can click here Top Five Books I Want To Read This Fall . If you’re anything like me though all you really have to know in order to get excited about the latest from award winning author S.A. Bodeen is that it’s being compared to Stephen King’s classic Misery. Enough said. I’m sure though, since the protagonist is a teenage YA author, there will be a little more high school angst mixed in for a hopefully spine tingling pairing of Pretty little Liars and Misery.

nameless-by-Jennifer-Jenkins Nameless by Jennifer Jenkins- October 6, 2015

I’m breaking my recent ban on trilogies (but technically this one is dualogy so I’m not really cheating) right out of the gate and picking up the very intriguing Nameless. Not only does the cover evoke images of Avatar (tell me that funky black creature on the cover doesn’t remind you of the award winning, mind boggling masterpiece of James Cameron) but if the premise does the protagonist Zo any justice I think I may have just stumbled across a YA heroine who really is more than bite than bark. As all the best fantasies go there is way too much going on in the very brief summary for me to properly recap but boiled down in its purest form it seems like there are four “clans” in this war torn nation, with each taking on the shape of an animal. Three of these groups though have been terrorized for centuries by the savage brutality of the Rams, and whilst on a raid of the region the Rams kill Zo’s parents, leaving her emotionally unstable and believing she has no choice but to offer herself as a slave in a covert suicide mission that is determined to bring the Rams down from inside. There’s a little hint at romance but I’m hoping all too much that Jenkins stares clear of this trope and instead decides to focus on the potentially complex world she has the potential to build.

first-&-then-by-emma-millsFirst & Then by Emma Mills- October 13, 2015

This book had me with the title, an often underappreciated aspect in my opinion to book selling, then the watercolor kaleidoscope of a cover, and finally the summary which promises Pride & Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights in a high school inspired mash up of all things great and lovely in this world. Unlike many contemporaries though where the focus seems to be on romance above all else I think First & Then will bring attention to, above all else, the part of the story that finds Devyn Tennyson coming to grips with who she really is and what that truly means. When you toss around big name pop culture phenomenon’s like the two aforementioned, I expect a lot from the writing; snark, biting dialogue, some self examination, social jests, and a good deal of Old English and Southern charm. I’m hoping to read this  when I’m in the mood for fluff with a punch, a.k.a light hearted concepts that really offer some interesting insight in the process

Signs-Point-To-Yes-by-Sandy-HallSigns Point to Yes by Sandy Hall- October 20, 2015

When Hall’s A Little Something Different came out last year to rave reviews that praised its ability to step away from the overcrowded field of contemporary new releases looking to strike it rich in the John Green vain, and carve its own path I practically jumped on it. Then a pesky little thing called life happened and suddenly it just got lost in the shuffle of the newest recently published books, and a whole new patch of “totally unique” releases stepped into its spotlight. I’m determined though not to let that same thing happened though with Signs Point to Yes. While it is definitely going for the adorkable, will they/won’t they romance of Fangirl (which it will inevitably follow in the coattails of even if only for the fanfiction aspect of both stories) I think if it can find it’s own special voice to tell it has potential to be a very cute fluff read. Here’s hoping that Jane’s Teo is just as heart pounding adorable as Fangirl‘s Levi.

what-we-left-behind-by-robin-talleyWhat We Left Behind by Robin Talley- October 27, 2015

I know I’m more than likely overwhelming all the non contemporary lovers out there with my realistic fiction heavy anticipation list but I swear this a one time deal; like September is big month for fantasy October is huge for contemporaries. Robin Talley always sucks me in with the beautiful, eye catching covers of her books that mask a much deeper, boundary crossing story that dares to challenge the conventions of our typical YA fiction. In her debut she talked about a bi racial lesbian relationship at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, and she continues that trend with What We Left Behind. While the classic and relatable tale of first love drifting apart is a timeless one that will always have a place in my heart it’s the fact that one of the aforementioned love birds is genderqueer (a term I had to look up for lack of knowledge), a new face to the increasingly diverse cast of characters in young adult. That’s what I believe reading is all about, learning the perspectives of people from totally different walks of life, and taking a valuable lesson away from it. Talley has already done that in educating me on this subject and I’m excited to read what she covers in a full book!

Try as I might to be the cutting edge in new releases I still missed many amazing stories hitting our shelves this October. Let me know what you’re most anticipated releases are and if you’re just as excited as me for the ones I mentioned above!         

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