Bookish Wishes

As a reader every birthday, Christmas, and other milestone event is marked by the gift of books. What if though, there was a genie that would not only grant you a gift card to Barnes & Nobles (a.k.a love) but could summon all your reading related fantasies into reality. Would you dream of a new book by your favorite author? A collaboration between two writers? A new ending to your favorite book series? In this post I’ll be highlighting my ten bookish wishes a genie needs to get on…pronto.

1.A New Ending to Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

It’s no secret that I am, was, and will always be head over heels in love with The Hunger Games series no matter what. They’re truly amazing books and I adore every aspect of them to pieces. If I could change just one thing though (an admittedly very big alteration, granted) it would be the ending to the finale, Mockingjay. I’ve read many reviews where readers admired Collins courage in giving readers an honest, unsugarcoated take on the reality of war and its effect on people, even if it was one that left fans dissatisfied. Now that I’m in a less emotional state over it the ending might not leave me quite so disheartened but at the time it totally wrecked me. I understand Collins reasoning behind her choice I just think now she should just publish a happy, rainbows and butterflies, version of Part Three to cut us Katniss lovers a break.

2. The ability to reread The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help has long been my favorite book. A courageous tale of friendship, love, and overcoming the adversity around us, it’s a timeless modern classic I could read on an endless loop. While the magic is never lost on me with each reread, and I always discover something new I never noticed before, I wish I could recapture all the emotions that come with experiencing your favorite book for the first time. I would savor it more, knowing every page, every sentence, every word takes me one step closer to the conclusion. I would feel all the feels times ten, letting all the emotions just roll over me. Lastly, I would just appreciate the epicness of having that ONE book in your life, you know the one you’ll read to your children, and your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children 🙂 .

3. Endless money to devote to book buying.

Books are expensive, yo. Just take the book I’m reading now for instance, the hardcover is $17.99 her in the States and the poor Canadians have to pay an extra $4. My mountainous, and forever growing, To-Be-Read pile is upwards of six hundred books that I would love to have just magically appear on color coded bookshelves throughout my bedroom (all of course assembled by my favorite book crush flavor of the week), for maximum photo op potential. Unfortunately, just as I’m in the process of adding book five hundred ninety-nine to my Amazon cart a little thing called practicality always gets in the way, effectively ruining my book buying binge. If the bookish genie though would just do me a solid and take care of all my literary needs for now and eternity, I would be set for life.

4. A collaboration between Rainbow Rowell and Jandy Nelson.

Contemporary queens unite! My two literary muses would write the most kick butt book, destined straight to the top of the Bestseller list if I have any say in the matter. Their story would just pluck at all my heartstrings, surely leaving me with the necessity to buy stock in Kleenex. It would be a soft story, one full of stellar characterization and self evaluation, that I surely would devour in one sitting. Nobody writes everything and nothing in quite the same way these two do and I can only imagine the poetry slam worthy, art house classic that would be conceived by their union. I would even write an idea for them (I assure you I’ve thought plenty of the book that would allow for maximum feels) if only to have their lyrical purple prose pen it. If you would ship this collab (Janbow for life) let me know in the comments.

5. The ability to design the book covers of my favorite books.

Guilty as charged, I will forever be that one reader who judges a book by the cover. In a world with all the computer animation under the sun, a stories face is increasingly important in getting me to read the pages contained inside a book. There’s many instances however where an author, or synopsis, or the recommendation by a trusted reviewer have gotten me to pick up the book, leading me to discover a true diamond in the rough. I know I never would have picked it up without prior urging, making me well aware that the horrendous cover is holding others back from reading it. If the publishers would just let me take the reins on their charade though I would surely make a cover worthy of the story contained.

So what are your top book wishes? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Bookish Wishes

  1. This is so cool! I really enjoyed this! Ugh i really wish i could redesign some of the book covers. You’re right, they are really important because we do judge books by their covers! I feel you on a dissatisfied series end. If i was able to, I’d have the genie have Veronica Ross hand over Allegiant and let me rewrite it haha i dont think there much worse than a bad/unsatisfying ending to a series or trilogy.


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