Most Anticipated New Releases of November

I feel like September and October just sped right on by, with me falling prey once again to an obscene amount of new releases. Every one, I swear was my most anticipated publication that I was positively dying to get me hands on. It seems like November has cooled off a bit though in time for the holidays, and as such I plan to keep my use of Goodreads TBR button to the minimum. Fingers crossed the six books I’ll be mentioning in this post are the only one’s being added to my mountainous pile of books.

dangerous-lies-by-becca-fitzpatrickDangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick- November 10

I never got on the bandwagon and read Becca Fitzpatrick’s commercially successful but critically panned debut Hush, Hush. I did however recently give her first stab at realistic fiction a chance in Black Ice only to find it a craptastic mess of a teenage girl’s bodice ripper fantasies. Dangerous Lies on the other hand intrigues me in a big way. I may be setting myself up to hate it, the synopsis practically flat out states it will contain a semi-unlikable heroine plus a dreamy love interest, but the whole concept of a girl being forced into Witness Protection is the one I think could be incredibly interesting if done right. I’m not looking for a modern classic, just a fun, lighthearted read, with a moderate dose of angst and heartbreak. Fingers crossed it’s up for the challenge.


Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young- November 3

I’m a sucker for historical fiction, especially of the young adult variety. More often than not it’s a genre often overlooked by young people and as such not nearly enough books about days gone by are sent to press. Hotel Ruby however seems to encapsulate everything I love about a good historical fiction though; meticulous attention to the era at hand, interesting perspectives on non textbook characters, and a modern spin on a traditional time. It definitely seems to radiate an intoxicating, Hollywood Golden Age, vibe that I can not get enough of, and coupled with the almost genre bending references to some possible supernatural elements I think it’ll be a good time reading this. Young’s debut dystopian trilogy seemed to be met with great reviews, and from what I’ve read of Hotel Ruby ARC readers are lapping it up, so I’m feeling optimistic I could have a favorite of 2015.

forget-tomorrow-by-pintip-dunnForget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn- November 3

At first I, admittedly, wrote this book off for it’s atrocious cover. I mean what is going on there? It looks like a an amateur Wattpad fanfiction of a Jennifer L. Armentrout book. Then I read the synopsis though and I was instantly hooked. It’s about a dystopian society (I know, aren’t they all?) where at the age of seventeen you find out what actions your future self will take to shape your life twenty years later. As is customary in YA, heroine Callie’s “vision” can not pronounce her something totally happy and normal but instead the person who will ultimately murder her gifted sister. From there she’s transported to a prison, which apparently she promptly escapes out of, and is then on the run from the government for the remainder of the book. Forget Tomorrow has ridiculously high ratings on Goodreads which makes me very excited, and I think Pintip Dunn can answer some very thought provoking questions on human choice if she decides to go in the vain of Minority Report. I’m preparing for a dark and gritty read, as should you.

Need-by-Joelle- Charboneau

Need by Joelle Charbonneau- November 3

With issues like cyberbullying at the forefront of every teenager, parent, and lawmakers mind I think Need is right on the money with it’s take of social media gone too far. The scariest dystopian is one that could actually happen and in an age where phones are practically an appendage it’s not so far fetched to imagine such a malicious game of chicken as the one Need proposes. In fact the reason The Hunger Games truly impacted as many as it did was that unfortunately in our materialistic society there were several comparisons to be drawn between residents of the Capitol and well off Americans. It shook people to the core and, at least in my case, really made them sit down and think about the future they wanted to build. If Need can tap into that self reflective element and cause high schools across the country to start really discussing the dark impact of Facebook and Instagram, I think I could be writing about an award winner here in a few months.

So what all are you guys excited about in the coming months? This is a very short list as November and December are not a big publishing season, but the four I did mention very much intrigue me and hopefully live up to my high expectations! Happy weekend!

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