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Welcome to the newly reestablished Megnificent Books! As the name would imply this blog is all about books- specifically those of the young adult variety, but also with occasional sprinklings of middle-grade and adult offerings as well. This past September I went into creating this little nugget of cyberweb joy with guns a blazing, knowing absolutely nothing about the actual process that goes into making a blog work. So, overwhelmed and out of my element, the activity on here was pretty dismal; until NaNoWriMo where it all but went to a standstill. Now that I’ve gotten my feet in the water though, and my head on a little straighter with the realities of running a successful blog, I’m prepared to make Megnificent the dream I’ve always envisioned to share my thoughts and feelings about a subject I forever will be passionate about; books. If you’re interested in checking out the content on here (which I sincerely hope you are!) I have a little extra down below on my tentative schedule and aspirations in the coming months. In any event, thanks for stopping by!When you only have an average of three people poking around on your blog you come to appreciate that one extra person on the stats page building your hopes up for blogger domination. So book connoisseur , thank-you for clicking that ‘continue reading’ button! It really means a lot to me. Now onto the nitty gritty; my not so cut and dried schedule for posting!  January may be a little up in the air at first as I am participating in the WordPress Blogger 101 class, where I’ll be attempting to follow their recommended posts until the 24th of this month. Other than that though, here’s what a typical week will look like!

Monday- Miscellaneous: This could be a day where I post a Youtube tag I translated to blogging, or a monthly wrap up, or a discussion, or really wherever the wind takes me. Up until now this is what most of my posts have been filed under but I’m definitely going to try from here forward to follow a more paved path when it comes to figuring out a plan in the future.

Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday is a fabulous meme by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish. It challenges posters to answer a ever evolving list of weekly themes on their ‘Top Ten’ of a certain bookish matter. For example, tomorrow I will be posting on my Top Ten Bookish Resolutions of 2016. Basically, it’s like Readers Anonymous to force yourself to actually accomplishing all the list you make. Oh, no…just me?

Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday or Top Five Wednesday: This one will just depend on the week; whether there’s a new release coming out in the upcoming seven days I’m just dying to talk about with you guys or there is a particularly relevant set of questions up for me to sync my ‘Top Five’ with. If I had psychic powers to see in the future I would predict that this week I will be writing posts for both memes.

Thursday- Review/s: Reviews are my absolute favorite thing to write, but because it takes me so darn long to complete one I don’t get nearly enough up as I would like. Thursday though is a designated day for me to spend the previous week collecting my thoughts on the book I just completed and either ranting or raving to the world. Some of my favorite reviews I wrote include:  Wolf By Wolf, Red Queen, and Everything, Everything.

Friday- Cover Duels: This is something I created where I debate the merits of both the US cover of a book and an international edition. Covers are judged on use of color, typography, uniqueness, and relevancy to the story at hand. It will always be a book I’ve read, and when applicable coincide with the book I reviewed the previous Thursday. For this first edition I’ll be hashing it out over the US and UK cover of The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

Like I said, my stats are pretty dismal so nothing would make a blogger sister happier than doing her a solid and posting a comment on your favorite book of 2016. Thanks for reading, and stay classy WordPress!







2 thoughts on “What’s What on Megnificent Books

  1. I really like the cover duel idea; I’m excited to different international covers, and your opinions on both! Its a really great idea. Good luck! May this year be the best to the blogger!


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