Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday- Seven Ways We Lie

26240663.jpgI’ve participated in the weekly meme Waiting on Wednesday (check them out over on Breaking the Spine!) quite a bit over the last two months since I “relaunched” Megnificent Books, but as I was deciding which book to feature this lovely March 2nd I realized I’ve never focused on a contemporary. Ironic since realistic fiction has, is, and always will be my favorite genre but apparently it’s never made the spotlight! Admittedly it is a bit harder to pick apart the bones of a story that relies so heavily on characters and conflict instead of setting and plot, but I think I’ve picked out a real winner in the debut Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate. It comes out next Tuesday by Amulet Books, and is already racking up some pretty impressive hype amongst the book blogging community (and obviously their opinion is life). What is this gem about though? Essentially seven intertwining stories and characters as they react to a student-teacher romance at an ordinary high school. All narrators bring some aspect of the seven deadly sins to the table  as they describe their gamut of reactions and feelings to the taboo subject. While that’s some pretty heavy base material for a cover that features a rainbow color scheme, but I don’t think the author is taking her inspiration from the movie Se7en. Instead I see her opting to infuse edgy humor and heartfelt revelations into characters that any reader can relate too as we see them maneuver the obstacles of high school. I know that synopsis likely raises a lot of red flags for potential readers as it contains the same conflict as the critically and commercially panned Even When You Lie To Me, and features a kiss-of-death bookish sin in containing SEVEN narrators (I’ll be the first to attest; a nearly impossible feat). However if Redgate can spin all these threads into one contemporary heavyweight there’s big potential for a fissure to open in the universe and raise her on a pedestal of which all future multiple POV’s will be judged upon. Or the book is going to royally fail. But I’m willing to find out! So in conclusion here’s the seven reasons you should consider buying this book come March 8th; 1. Realistic Issues- each of the seven protagonists has something eating at them that they’ll have to overcome. 2. Diversity- the author admits to be a shark loving, classical music enthusiast, with an econ degree…a.k.a she gets what it means to fly the flag of many “cliques”. 3. Romance- just about every YA book blogger of ever will claim they are SO over romances in contemporary, but not me; I scoop them up like a bin of free puppies. 4. Friendship- the same way I can appreciate a good romance I also love to see an author build up female friendships. 5. Poetry- I traditionally hate a book written entirely in verse, but just one chapter of fabulous language could make a good addition. 6. Debut- I love supporting debut authors as the potential is quite literally endless. So one day if Redgate becomes famous, I get hipster dibs on claiming I liked her before she was cool. 7. I said to go check it out- and obviously my opinion is law. 🙂 Did my powers of persuasion have anyone else hotlining it to their Goodreads TBR shelf to add Seven Ways We Lie? Maybe not, but I would still love to hear what you guys are waiting on this Wednesday.

-Keep Calm and Read On

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