Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday- The Haters

the-hatersBookish confession time at Megnificent Books; Waiting On Wednesday posts are my absolute favorite kind of content to post on my little corner of the cyber web. Literally, if the fabulous readers at Breaking the Spine (check them out here!) hadn’t come up with the idea to post upcoming new releases in one glorious meme I have no clue what I’d write. Long story short, don’t plan on me curbing my enthusiasm anytime soon for Waiting On Wednesday. That is exceptionally true this week as I could hardly be more thrilled to discuss Jesse Andrews return to young adult fiction with The Haters. Not that I don’t love his work adapting his already FANTABULOUS books into equally mind blowing, Sundance winning, screenplays (no big deal at all) but I’m pumped for him to return to the stomping ground I first fell in love with. And from my perspective of things it seems like The Haters has just as much indie star power potential as Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, following three music loving, jazz camp misfits as they jump ship on their lame summer endeavors to gain field experience performing. This, of course, comes in the way of new member Ash’s SUV, taking them around the country on the aptly named Haters Summer of Hate tour. Can you not just perfectly envision Cara Delevigne being the pixie dream girl of this soon to be summer blockbuster? Oh, and when you combine that with pure writing genius? Perfection in 120 minutes. My only gripe (I always have one) is that I really would have liked to see Mr. Andrews break out of his comfort zone and stray from the dynamic formula of two boy BFF’s plus uber cool new girl. Sure it’s a fail safe and one of my favorite trio’s ever, but knowing his talent in crafting characters I would like to maybe see a more unique anti-hero or other such oddity. Knowing the quirky humor though that pervaded the heart of his debut I trust that he’ll give his own touch on the subject, putting a fresh spin on the gamut of humor that naturally follows a musical road trip. And he has plenty to draw from as well, considering the author himself spent years playing bass in a band that is eerily similar to the one he writes about now. Obviously experience is the best teacher, so that leads me to assume that he’ll avoid some of the most disastrous pitfalls that can plague a music-based novel i.e. lack of any real knowledge on the topic. Also, two things I like to look at when surfing Amazon are the ‘frequently bought together items’ (in this case Eleanor & Park along with It’s Kind of a Funny Story) and the future cover that has been blurbed by the amazing John Corey Whaley “Try to hate on this one. You’ll fail” and Natalie Standiford also offers up “…punk rock in book form…”. Though this method of book surfing is hardly fail safe, these two have yet to let me down in all my bookish escapades and I believe this bodes well for our chances of bookish harmony. So have I converted you to putting this on your hot reads of spring 2016? Maybe not, but I hope you consider it somewhere down the road, along with clueing me in on some of the great April/May reads you’re anticipating.

-Keep Calm and Read On

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