Five People Who Need to Read Buzz Books

buzz-books-2016-cover.jpgEveryone loves a good compilation of books, us bloggers especially! Buzz Books Spring/Summer 2016 isn’t just for professional story lovers though, nearly everyone with an interest in reading will find a great title from the medley of contemporaries, sci-fi, historical fiction, and thrillers it offers up. Even better? It’s available for free on Netgalley, so we can all rejoice in the best titles of this season. So to give you a sneak peak of what’s in store, I’ve made a list of the five types of people who HAVE to download it. And…that’s a drum roll please!

The New Reader- I get it. You haven’t opened that Goodreads app, paroozed a bookstore, or even so much as picked up a book for the last three years. And while you’re thrilled to get back in the reading game, it can be overwhelming when muddling through a labyrinth of potentially interesting titles to sort out the good from the bad. That’s where Buzz Books comes into play. They’ve already done the dirty work for you, hand selecting a medley of stories your friends are sure to be reading alongside you. And as if that wasn’t enough, all titles have excerpts- ranging anywhere from a few pages to entire chapters. This will give you a great feel for the style of the book, and clue you in on whether it’s worth checking out in a few months time. Obviously not just for new readers, this great add on is perfect for beefing up your already mountainous TBR…and maybe leading your bank account to sit a little less pretty. Another handy dandy feature for industry professionals is a direct link to Netgalley, where you can put a request in for the ARC version immediately upon reading the sampler.

The Hipster- The defining characteristic of hipsters is their need to always do things before it catches the mainstreams attention. And though not everyone reading a book blog is layering a vintage cardigan over an ironic tee…we all like to be on the cutting edge of the latest stories. Buzz Books gives us that exact opportunity, as Spring/Summer 2016 is chock full of debut novels ripe for the taking. Though none of the 20 books that appear are indie, and some are even the conclusion to extremely loved series, there’s a surprising number I had never even heard of, yet alone considered requesting a galley for. I don’t think though I’ll soon be forgetting such first time authors as Julie Eshbaugh with Ivory and Bone, Alwyn Hamilton and Rebel of the Sands, or Evelyn Skye’s much anticipated The Crown’s Game. So this reading season if you’re at an acquaintances house when an awkward pause comes up, simply mention one of these books for instant brownie points and cool hipster friend status. There’s no time like the present, especially considering Rebel of the Sands was actually released weeks ago!

The Series Fanatic- The universally acclaimed Raven Boys series is coming to an end this spring with finale The Raven Kiss, as is Mary Weber’s Siren’s Song. While both make an appearance in Buzz Books, what I find even more exciting is the addition of nine (that’s right, NINE) first books in duologies/trilogies/series. Some titles that are likely very familiar include Richelle Mead’s The Glittering Court, Kiersten White’s And I Darken, as well as V.E. Schwab with This Savage Song; all of which I can guarantee will be appearing on this blog frequently. It also stands to be noted that all three debuts I mentioned above are the first in a proposed trilogy, kicking the debut authors career off with what appears to be one of 2016’s white hot trends. What I really like though about this compilation of series is the extreme spectrum of genres it represents. From magical realism, to romance, to mystery and history with a twist (but more on that later…)this truly is one size fits all. And while I doubt I’ll ever truly be free from the itch for dystopian, it’s nice to see different types of authors trying their hat at the trilogy game. As if this didn’t include enough for suggestions already, others to check out are the paranormal infused Julia Vanishes, The Progency, and Unrivalled.

The History Fiend-Anyone whose read even a few of my posts here knows historical fiction is my ham. The fact of the matter though, as I frequently bemoan, is that publishers just aren’t interested in sending books from the genre to press. However after hearing my cries Spring/Summer 2016 is chock full of great releases for me to get my fix, with Buzz Books being right there to cover it. Granted the six exciting books I’m eluding to aren’t of the traditional grouping (i..e. specific era, conflict related to issues of the period), but I think that’s even better for raising awareness to just how great stories set in the past are! I must say I’ve done some pretty extensive research of the release I’m most excited for, and that honor goes to Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse- a story of a teenager in WW II as she races to save a missing Jewish girl. It’s got some buzz words of mine associated, as in “meticulously researched, intricately plotted, and beautifully written”, and, even better, it comes out this Tuesday! This is a great year for genre bending history, and I intend to read all the books!

The Detective- It would seem as though 2016 readers have a fever for sordid conspiracy and deception. Monumentally successful books like We Were Liars, Pretty Little Liars, Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train share several plot points (along with having eerily similar titles) that include twist endings, cryptic synopsis’, and morally questionable characters. However if you think this trend is becoming washed up, look out, as Buzz Books is determined to prove we’re in the golden age of mystery with these five new releases. Perhaps the coolest thing about these titles is the sheer amount of diversity even among stories that follow a likewise archetype. For example, With Malice by Eileen Cook follows the intrigue surrounding a fatal accident in Italy…that maybe wasn’t so unintentional. Or take Alyson Noel’s Unrivaled, all about the grit behind your favorite Hollywood starlets. Or if that doesn’t float your boat try Kimberly McCreight’s The Outliers, Kara Thomas with The Darkest Corners, or Beware That Girl by Theresa Toten.

I hope you are all thoroughly excited for the great reading season ahead of us, and maybe found some new books for your TBR! There are several great titles such as those by Matthew Quick and John Corey Whaley I couldn’t include on the list, but would be great to read for fans and new readers alike. Also, don’t forget to check out Buzz Books Spring/Summer 2016 on Netgalley!
-Keep Calm and Read On

3 thoughts on “Five People Who Need to Read Buzz Books

  1. I had no idea this kind of compilations existed. But of course it does! Brilliant.

    I’ve only read one NetGalley book so far but this sounds like a great idea for someone who wants to read more books published in 2016 – aka, me!

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