BEA Authors I Want to Meet

Did you see that post title? You know, BEA Authors I Want to Meet? Well, small confession time, I’m actually not meeting any of the authors at BEA. This was all just an elaborate hoax to maximize clicks on my post. It’s not a total lie though, because in a kinder, much more affordable world I would be in Chicago May 11-13 meeting all the bookish people my heart desires. So in honor of that dream I’ve written about the five authors I’m hypothetically meeting at a conference I’m hypothetically attending. Because, you know what, a girl needs some hope. Are there any other forward-looking bloggers out there? Those willing to extend their sights on a future filled with ARC’s and book swag? Then come join me and discuss those beautiful author creatures we want to meet!


  1. Grace Lin

I’ve mentioned before on countless occassions my attempts to forray back into the middle grade booksphere, to mixed results every time. Compared to my scope of young adult new releases, I have relatively little clue of what’s what in the demographic, meaning more often than not I muddle through the hype until I tire myself. Occassionally though I’ll discover a genuine gem, such was the case with Grace Lin’s imaginatively spectacular Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Lin blended beautiful water color illustrations with a story richly drawn from her native Chinese folklore, that in turn created a book I couldn’t put down. In her latest companion to the aforementioned, When the Sea Turned to Silver (out October 4th by Little Brown), she promises to deliver the same magic that will enchant both young and old bookworms alike. Though it’s obious why I would love Lin’s autograph, the idea of having such a visually orienated book signed by its creator is almost like having an artist sign their masterpiece; a necessary part of the experience.


  1. Kendare Blake

Way back when I read Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood, and fell absolutely in love. To date it’s my favorite duology, and I practically fall over myself in recommending it to friends. However I never read Blake’s second series, a trilogy, as it centers around mythology which has just never been my jam (seriously, I haven’t even read Percy Jackson). This September though she’s coming back stronger than ever with Three Dark Crowns, the first in a proposed series about a set of triplets attempting to kill each other for claim over a kingdom. Obviously the world is much more complex, but all you need to know is this: it sounds totally awesome! I can not wait to get my hands on it, and nothing would be better than to hear Blake talk about IRL. Also, while the thought of thousands of like-minded bookish people flocking to one place makes my reader senses tingle, I imagine it would be nice to take a step back from the big names of the event and receive a little more personal time with an author. Or maybe that’s just the hipster in me posing to discover underknown writers and claim I disocvered them.


  1. Laura Ruby

Laura Ruby remains the only author I’ve ever read who wrote a magical realism novel I genuinely enjoyed, and for that reason she would be a must see for me at BEA. You can’t just write off a novelist who accomplished a seemingly unsurmountable feat! Also, as it comes with the territory of penning such a unique and one of a kind book, I have so many questions regarding her creation of Bone Gap/inspiration/etc. that I might very well take up the whole half hour autographing period with my commentary. Despite all this I was hesitant on whether to include Ruby on this list, seeing as we’re both Chicagoland residents it’s very likely I meet her eventually at Anderson’s Bookshop or some other reader locale. But nothing can compare to the magic of meeting a favorite author in a place dedicated to the business of reading, and thusly she would be a must-meet for me. BEA is also notorious for being the site where authors announce new works-in-progress, and I’m super excited to find out the premise behind Ruby’s upcoming release.


  1. Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken is a super cool young woman who, at the ripe old age of 28, has already launched two award winning, universally acclaimed series. And for that reason…I would love, love, love, LOVE, like majorly adore for her to sign a copy of Passenger, and also, maybe, get a sneak peek of its sequel, Wayfarer. Because that ending though? You know the one that found Etta and Nicholas separated by centuries? It has me practically dying to know how they’ll (inevitably) wind up being together. Also, the fact that the series is just a duology (another injustice of the world) means that Bracken is putting all her eggs into this basket to make her second baby a major success. No worry of sophomore slump here! Another perk to meeting her at BEA would be the inevitable amount of other bloggers/fans that would naturally flock to her signing. Everyone knows the people are what make BEA such a special convention, and I’d be hardpressed to find a signing more full of dually dedicated and devoted readers such as yours truly.


  1. Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows was tied for my all-time, absolute favorite book I read in all of 2015. It 110% blew this non-Grisha reader away, and left her eagerly anticipating the release of Crooked Kingdom in the fall. Plain and simple, I just can’t wait another day to find myself back in Ketterdam. And the only way that is going to happen is through the intervention of BEA, by which copies of the ARC will be flying off galley drops like hotcakes. It’s no small coincidence I gave Bardugo the fifth seat in this already A-list compilation, as if nothing else the convention would be worth attending just to attend her autograph session. And because I must love to torture myself, I watched a video from her 2015 signing, in which a hilarious Q and A ensued to make the event even more memorabole for the oh so lucky bookworms sitting in. The good news (I hope) is that Bardugo shows no signs of retiring from the writing world anytime soon, and at that rate I can keep the dream alive of someday meeting her.


Are any of you guys attending BEA? Who do you hope to see? Let me know in the comments!


-Keep Calm and Read On


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