Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday- With Malice

waiting on wednesday- with malice.jpgWaiting on Wednesday is an awesome feature over at Breaking the Spine (check it out here) where us book lovers get an excuse to gush over our most anticipated upcoming reads. Be it a novel set to release tomorrow or two years from now, the WoW community wants to know what your calendar is counting down towards! In my case this first Wednesday of June it happens to be With Malice, a hot new mystery/thriller from one of my favorite authors Eileen Cook. I first heard about this one (coming out June 7th via Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, by the way) through the Spring/Summer 2016 edition of YA Buzz Books. I saw the cover, read the chapter sampler, and instantly shipped it. In fact I shipped it so hard Malice actually found a place on my roundup of the compilation, under the category for people who loved Gone Girl. And now, as its publication draws near, I can only hope I was right in my assessment of this glamorous and alluring tale of murder. The story is actually told six weeks following a tragic accident abroad, one that killed main character Jill’s best friend and left Jill comatose with severe memory loss. Her affluent father has hired a high profile lawyer and press team for support, because that accident? There are people back home questioning its validity. Worst of all, Jill would be lying to herself if she claimed not to be one of them. So in a desperate attempt to regain her rapidly fading sense of self, Jill will struggle not only to unfold the events surrounding a death, but also unwind her own role in it. Now isn’t that just the cutest, lightest, and fluffiest synopsis ever?  Well, maybe not, but it can claim to being eerily reminiscent to We Were Liars in nature. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen, but assuming Cook can put a unique spin on the twist E. Lockhart employed to shock readers everywhere…she just may have cracked the code to commercial success. And that is something I dearly want for Ms. Cook, the genius that brought us Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood. The latter is smart, whip sharp, and so funny in its satire of modern tropes I find it personally offending that such a small audience is the only ones to have read it. While her newest work seems to be of a different tone, I can only hope some of that biting sarcasm finds its way into the narrative. But even if it’s not one of my most trusted reviewers has had some awesomely positive things to say in regards to this mystery. Things like how unique the storytelling is (it’s told in interview transcripts, witness statements, emails, and social media statuses/comments), and how well Cook plays up the unreliable narrator. If you’re interested in checking out the whole review (which will give you a pretty good idea of whether you’ll enjoy it) I’ll link it here. A bit of background as well, this same reviewer thought Lockhart took the easy way out with her Liars conclusion. So it’s safe to assume the absence of any gripes on that front means it’s time for us readers to get excited about how Cook ties in the final piece of the puzzle. I know I’ll be reading this one stat (just writing this post amped up my anticipation by a few notches), and hopefully I can report this as a must have to stow in your beach bag. Until that time comes though, brush up on your knowledge of the Amanda Knox Trial- something tells me it’ll come in handy whilst reading Malice.
-Keep Calm and Read On

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