That Hair Though- On Point YA Covers ft. Hairstyles

That Hair though....jpgI LOVE hair and I LOVE book covers, so needless to say I believe both are in their best form when placed together. Sooo…to honor that adoration (and encourage cover artists to pick up their game) I wrote a post about it! At hand is six awesome dust jackets made even more awesome by their addition of an ombré, blowout, floral wreath, etc, etc to craft a work of art worthy of rocking for any occasion. Also incorporated are YouTube directories to show you exactly where to go in order to recreate these beauties. The only real question left is whether it’s socially acceptable to tell a hairstylist ‘this’ (proceeds to hand her book) when heading in for your next ‘do.

First up is the ombré being rocked on the cover of Victoria Laurie’s When. This fiery hot color manages to be spunky yet easily downplayed, and is sure to catch you some attention (in a good way!!!). Alexsis Mae’s take on what she calls the Fall Sombre Hair Color has garnered upwards of 310,000 views on YouTube, along with 3k likes to back it up. Her methods are very affordable, while still giving off a salon quality appeal. While it does take a bit of skill with a home dye kit, her tutorial will have you looking like a book model heading to the shoot.

Lara Jean of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is pretty much the epitome of all things feminine; from clothes, to beauty, to room decorating, she’s got you covered. However it’s on the cover of sequel P.S. I Still Love You that I feel a real hairstyle gem is born. The romantically curled ponytail is age old, but easily forgotten amidst more flashy trends. So who better to give it a resurgence than a beauty tuber? Honeycombed’s take on it lays things out step by step and shows a few different looks you can rock with it, irregardless of whether you’re heading out to date night or a workout session. Also, hats off if you can pull together the uber cute bunny ear ribbon- a cinch that makes all the difference.

Shaking things up a bit I have not a hairstyle, but a totally Coachella worthy accessory. While the book it’s featured on, The May-Queen Murders, may be set in the rural Ozark region, there’s nothing country about this boho take on the flower crown. In fact I’m fairly certain that Tasha Leelyn’s DIY tutorial will leave you with a host of new Instagram followers, at the ready to see more whimsical photo ops. The best part? There’s a lot of imagination and versatility that goes into a home crafted project; dress it up with a veil or style it with a braid.

Not only do I love the hair color the model of Daughter of Deep Silence is rocking, but that ultra smooth and sleek blowout? Sign me up. This elegant and classic ‘do is not only a work of art in  itself, but I love how it would allow your clothes and/or makeup to really stand their own. Furthermore, when you follow Teen Vogue’s version of things it’s simple and efficient. As they put it, this look is perfect for strolling down the red carpet or walking to class.

Though I can’t pull off the AMAZING natural hair looks flooding my Youtube and Instagram feeds, I sure do watch a lot of videos pertaining to achieving the photo ready ‘dos. That’s why when I saw April Bee’s tutorial  I was immediately reminiscent to the cover of Don’t Fail Me Now. I can perfectly imagine MC of that novel, Michelle, rocking flexi rod curls in her hair and thought it was perfect for any readers desiring a similar look.

I saved the best for last on this countdown of YA book cover hairstyles. That’s right, I’m discussing the Mac Daddy of literary prom dress and hair goals…The Selection series. In particular the ‘do featured on The Heir, as recreated by the awesome staff at Epic Reads. While all those twists and pins may seem daunting at first, with a couple spins of the curling wand I guarantee you Eadlyn perfection. Just think, in the mere 3:29 seconds it will take to watch the tutorial  you’ll be well on the way to achieving the princess hair aspirations of your childhood. Feel free to thank me later.

What do you think of these tutorials? Do you agree YA covers should feature more hairdo’s? Let me know in the comments!

-Keep Calm and Read On

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