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Top 5 Wednesday- Favorite Posts on Megnificent Books

This Top 5 Wednesday (check it out here) is all about the best content you (as a blogger, Booktuber, etc.) feel you’ve posted across various platforms. Nine months into this game called blogging, I had so much fun reflecting on how far I’ve come as a literary connoisseur. In the mean time of that trip down memory lane, I picked out five blog posts I’m most proud of having written. This includes reviews, tags, and all miscellaneous content I poured my heart and soul into. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what you guys think!


  1. 5 People Who Need to Read Buzz Books

The second I finished Buzz Books Spring/Summer 2016 I knew I needed to do post on it. The only question left was how. In a matter of days, an idea came to me on a whim, one that propelled the post into motion. I had decided to present all that glorious bookish content in list format. The list would be categorized by types of readers, from The Hipster to The Detective, and feature shout outs to all the books I discovered in the compilation. While I loved the idea of organizing the books in such a manner, what truly made my voice come alive whilst writing was the subject at hand. Nothing beats a new releases and I feel that anticipation on my part really was palpable here. Also, in the spirit, of honesty, this is my most successful post (in terms of likes and comments) to date, a fact that makes me more than a little bit attached to it compared to the average post. Though most of the books that I mention have already reached publication, there’s some great ones here to add to any TBR.


2. Chinese Zodiac Character Tag

Character tags were some of my most frequent posts when I first got in on the blogging game, and in that vein was where I initially got my inspiration for the Chinese Zodiac Character Tag. Though it’s hardly the most innovative post I’ve ever formulated, a ton of time went into drafting the content, as well as also being what I believe to be one of my most detailed musings yet. It was also a ton of fun poking around in the psyches of my favorite (and not so favorite) characters. I was shocked at how much I had to say about things when all was said and done, such as my great roasting session of The Spectacular Now’s Sutter Keely. Moreover was the host of follow up posts I’m considering spawning, such as astrological comparisons and the like. It’s definitely a long one to read, but I promise no disappointment for that reader who regards characters as #bae.

3.5 ‘The Rose and the Dagger’ Inspired Recipes

Can you tell I’m a fan of lists pertaining to the number 5? Yeah… I might have a problem. However in the case of this post from last April, I was able to branch out a bit from my traditional bookish compilations.  Instead I searched far and wide (or perused Pinterest) in search of awesome Persian dishes I could make in the weeks leading up to the release of The Rose and the Dagger. My findings included Moroccan pancakes, a unique spin on rice and hummus, as well as a few more mouthwatering cuisines. I love cooking and it’s not something I get to talk about all the time, so to incorporate it into a blog post was just fantastic. It also served as a super fun countdown to one of my most anticipated reads of 2016. Interestingly enough the idea for this came to me when I was in a bit of a posting rut, I was researching evergreen content that would work on any platform. And sure enough a cooking blog suggested doing a cooking inspired post. I held off a few months so it would closer to the launch, but I sure am glad I had the pleasure of doing the research and work that went into this content.


4.Wolf By Wolf Review

Though I don’t always mind picking apart those books I consider less than impressive, some of the my best reviews have come from those I genuinely loved. Ryan Graudin’s Wolf By Wolf is a prime example. After a lengthy intro (even by my standard) book pushing the awesome premise to anyone who would listen, I then delve into the merits that earned it the distinction of best book 2K15. That list includes the characters, the setting, the sibling dynamic/potential love interests, and the ending that left me so pumped for November 1, 2016. Oh, and on that note let me take the opportunity to gush about why YOU need to read this book before Blood For Blood comes out in a lifetime four months. It’s just so amazing! So amazing it takes away my ability to form coherent thoughts! Please just read it (and maybe my review) and I promise all  my life goals will be complete.


5.Red Queen Review

Now on the opposite end of the review spectrum I have my semi-rant of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen a.k.a Biggest Flop 2K15. As I tend to get when I’m hating on some writers literary child, I use some pretty descriptive means for getting across my utter dislike for this much adored story (the funnest reviews are those where you’re a black sheep). In specifics I say “every other woman in this book instantly wants her (Mare) to take a hot bath in turpentine, while their husbands, brothers, sons, etc. all see sunshine radiating out of her pores”. So basically the plot line of Glee. Let me tell you though, my inner mean girl sure had fun laying it on thick in response to Mare’s many character flaws. It’s long winded, and I’m glad to say my punctuation is beginning to ascend the uphill battle that is comma vs. no comma vs. semicolon, but I think any Red Queen haters out there will enjoy my commentary. Check it out for a read more interesting than the book.  


Which of your own blog posts/ media content are you most proud of? Let me know in the comments!
-Keep Calm and Read On

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