Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday- Blood for Blood

Blood-for-Blood-Ryan-GraudinTitle: Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

Publishing Info: Little Brown Books, 11/1/2016

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Alternate History

Notable Works by Author: The Walled City, Wolf By Wolf


Why I’m Excited…

Waiting On Wednesday is an awesome feature over at Breaking the Spine (check it out here) where us book lovers get an excuse to gush over our most anticipated upcoming reads. Be it a novel set to release tomorrow or two years from now, the WOW community wants to know what your calendar is counting down towards! In my case this final Wednesday of July, its Ryan Graudin’s Blood for Blood! While I’m all too painfully aware that my most anticipated release of 2016 (yes, it gets that honor) isn’t hitting shelves until November 1, I thought as a Graudin superfan it was my duty to get the hype going early. Afterall, any reader of this blog deserve to know what book they’ll soon be sick of hearing about 😉 #bookpusher If nothing else, talking about this one three months out from release gives everyone ample time to fall under the spell that is the first book in this series, Wolf By Wolf. Which brings me to my next point…I’ve been dying a painful death waiting to see how things come together for Yael, Luka, and Felix. In the interest of non spoilers for those readers not in the know, I’ll just say Graudin wrapped things up with the mother of all cliffhangers. My internal bookworm grump hates that I loved it (as I must KNOW ALL THE THINGS), but it’s undeniable that conclusion was better than any I ever could have anticipated. Since I can’t divulge too many details about Blood for Blood’s particular synopsis, I’ll just go back to where it all started. In an extremely abridged nutshell; Wolf By Wolf introduces us too skinshifter/concentration camp survivor/resistance leader Yael. This is an alternate 1956 Germany where the Nazi’s have won WWII, and to commemorate that victory the Axis powers hold a motorcycle race across the Third Reich. Yael enters said competition by impersonating former victor Adele, with her ultimate goal being to win the race and assassinate Hitler at the winner’s ball. However things become even more complicated when Adele’s brother Felix, and former love interest Luka enter the race, seemingly intent on watching her every move. With the fate of those she loves on the line, Yael will stop at nothing to ensure this mission’s success…even if it means compromising her life. Wow, just writing the synopsis made me wish I could relive reading the story for the first time again. It is my fiction inspiration after all, a compliment I don’t give to every book that walks into my life. When I sing praises, I sing them highly. And hopefully I can keep preaching to the choir, as I (needless to say) have expectations beyond lofty for Blood for Blood. I want to see even more of Yael’s heritage, coupled with enough characterization to make her a flesh and blood human being. I want to see Luka and Felix developed not just as romantic items, but for the interesting pasts that color both in. I want a return to the fantasy aspects of the plot, especially the aforementioned cliffhanger! And yes, I want to see motorcycles. I’m unsure whether this will be the final book (I’ve heard reports this is a duology, and others claiming it as a series), but nonetheless I expect things to end in a tremendously mind blowing fashion. A fashion that will cure all my jealously of those people at BEA, those who already possess a copy, as the wait only amplified it’s beauty in my eyes (or something like that).  Preparing for all the feels in 198 days and too many hours.   

-Keep Calm and Read On

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