Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday- Three Dark Crowns

Three-Dark-Crowns-Kendare-Blake.jpgKendare Blake, author of the upcoming Three Dark Crowns, is one of the most talented (yet under known) storytellers in YA today. Her Anna Dressed in Blood duology was my favorite series to come out of 2014, and I’m so excited to see what’s up her sleeve next. As I said though, her comical dialogue, gritty settings, and fast paced plotting, have been lost to many a potential reader. So let me remedy that. I need all 106 of my followers (small but mighty), to consider putting this highly anticipated release of mine on their TBR. I wouldn’t ask you to do this without stats for support however, so let’s get started on my informal presentation! First of all, shout out to the awesome advanced reviews. Laura, one of my most trusted reviewers, said of it:  “This was SO much darker than I originally expected and it is GOOD. The world-building, the twists, the characters, the premise itself. It’s hard not to be pulled deep into the story. Consider me invested!” There’s a lot more of the same to be said in all ARC reviews, with the common consensus being one of a very dark world. Clearly it’s working, as Three Dark Crowns currently holds a 3.84 average out of 632 ratings. For sure not chump change, and a solid base for an excellent book to come out of. What I took away from all this is that the story is very compatible with fans of The Young Elites and Six of Crows. The latter was my top read of 2015, so even a smattering of resemblance will earn it an A+ on my end. However, none of this matters if the story line is uncompelling…and I’m here to say that is negative. The story guiding Three Dark Crowns is just as awesome as one would imagine. It begins on the island kingdom of Fennbirn, where each generation three triplet queens are born. Each possess a unique and coveted magic; with Mirabella controlling the elements, Katharine able to ingest toxic poisons, and Arsinoe being capable of summoning natural forces. However all three are not allowed to simply rule. A game not of winner or loser, but of life and death, will begin on the night of their sixteenth birthday. But be wary: things are not all that they may seem. Katharine is incapable of stomaching the weakest of poisons, and Arsinoe fails merely at making weeds grows. Hiding this from the kingdom, the two watch Mirabella’s power heighten by the day. In a game of life and death though, will the winner be determined by the strongest adversary? Or the darkest heart? Ok, one more question. Does that not sound like the best thing since sliced bread? Don’t try to argue with me, as we both know the answer is a resounding YES! I’ve been burned a lot recently by ‘duel’ books (cough, cough, The Crown’s Game) but I have a lot of faith in Blake to deliver. Despite saying in an interview this novel features romance (usually a kiss of death), that’s not a cause of concern for me. She handled the dynamic between Cas and Anna beautifully in her first work, so if anything I think a love connection or two will only add to the story. I could be wrong, but in this circumstance it’s only getting me more pumped for what’s shaping up to be an excellent read. This gem drops by Harper Teen on September 20th, so get ready to head for a bookseller. I know I’ll need my own copy for a second read through or two 😉
-Keep Calm and Read On

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