Most Anticipated July/August New Releases

July and August are two of the smallest months for new releases. No more than a handful came out in each. So in the interest of having a well rounded TBR, I combined the two for maximum splendor. This also means I had time to read two of the books soon to be mentioned on this list. Fortunately, both were excellent and will be talked about numerous times. Along with those discoveries, a few of YA’s hottest releases came out in the last two months. All this combines to make a small (but mighty) compilation, sure to be heading for your GR TBR shelf. So without further ado, let’s cut to the books!


Most Anticipated July_August Releases Pt. 1.jpgThe Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

I’ll admit, I went back and forth for a long time on whether I truly wanted to read The Thousandth Floor. Even though it looks excellent (beautiful cover, great plot, lots of positive reviews), any new release with this amount of hype is bound to be a let down. Epic Reads even featured it on the Times Square Jumbotron. However I can’t deny that I’m incredibly interested in the directions Katharine McGee will go. Centering around a thousand story skyscraper in Manhattan, McGee follows five residents living on various floors. Each has a secret, a hope, and a flaw that is bound to play into the conflict. The only question is, how? Now let me be blunt; this could either end up mind numbingly stupid, or a fascinating look at society.  It all depends on the subtle nuisances McGee chooses. I’m really hoping it’s the latter, because this just sounds so amazing! For me not to get spurned I need to see: all five MC’s be fleshed out, some depth beyond high school antics, and a problem that goes beyond this mystical tower. If all these requisites are met, be prepared for some major book pushing.


A World Without You by Beth Revis

A recent library pick up for me, I can’t wait to see what all the hype surrounding Beth Revis is based on. Having heard very positive things about her sci-fi trilogy, it’s safe to say my expectations are high. However A World Without You is a very different kind of story than her debut; a contemporary tackling severe psychosis. Protagonist Bo believes he can travel through time, and as such has been sent to a school for teens with exceptional powers. There he falls in love with Sofia, a girl suffering from clinical depression. Her suicide sends Bo into the depths of his mental illness, setting into motion the story. It reminds me very much of Neal Shusterman’s Challenger Deep, which I read earlier this year to mixed reactions. Though there’s a built in sympathy net, I’ve yet to read a book in a similar vein that truly connected me to the MC. Here’s hoping that Revis manages to break the pattern, and exceed in writing a great story.


most-anticipated-july_august-releases-pt-1-1Enter Title Here by Rahul Kanakia

As I write this post, my mind is going haywire trying to comprehend the bookish gem that is Enter Title Here. It was one of my most anticipated releases of the summer year, so as such I had to pick it up immediately. And while I could go on and on describing its genius in detail, I don’t want this post to be a quasi wrap-up. Soooo…in that interest I’ll just go about this as though I have yet to check it out. Even though we both know the whole world needs to reads it. What exactly makes it so special though? For me, it was the idea behind Rahul Kanakia’s debut. Following ultra competitive senior Reshma Kapoor, we look on as she attempts to write a novel. Not for personal satisfaction of course, but so she can score a surefire ticket into Stanford. Obviously her plans get shook up in a major way, taking this story in a many an unexpected direction. Beyond that, another aspect readers should get excited for includes the great MC that is Reshma. An anti-hero in every sense of the word, her narrative is addicting in the most compelling way. I wish I could say more, but #spoilers. As you can guess though, it’s not a spoiler to say that it must be read now.


The Fixes by Owen Matthews

The Fixes is set to be one of the darkest, grittiest contemporaries I’ve come across in a long time.  It follows Eric Connelly, the son of a senator, whose had enough of his life. Forced to take a law firm internship, Eric is looking for any way to rebel. Conveniently, that opportunity presents itself in the form of his crush, Jordan Grant. Both have had enough of their beachtown’s double standards, and plan to right the wrongs committed. But as ‘the fixes’ escalate, and Jordan begins to build bombs, Eric will be left to decide where he stands. That’s some pretty intense stuff right there, especially when the synopsis asks “who will be left standing when everything goes up in flames”.  But that impending tragedy makes the book all the more compelling, and I can’t wait to see the direction Owen Matthews chooses to go. All that being said, I’m very shocked this book hasn’t received more advanced attention. It has so much potential to be on many a top ten list, and get a lot of discussions going. Until then, don’t forget you heard it on Megnificent Books first.


Most Anticipated July_August Releases Pt. 3.jpgThis Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I checked this out from the library today, and cannot wait to continue my love affair with Victoria Schwab’s writing! Fortunately, I’d be hardpressed to find a read more guaranteed to bring up my average rating on GR. I just can’t see anyway this inventive new release earns anything less than 4 stars from me. The premise is all around amazing, following a human who wishes to be bad and a monster who thrives for goodness. An unfortunate plight, especially in a world where violence breeds dangerous creatures; feasting on flesh, blood, and soul. I also appreciate that Schwab specifically mentions that her story contains no romance. Hopefully this means she can focus on crafting a truly fantastical world, putting her talent for description in drive. And though I think this work leans more towards The Archived status than A Darker Shade of Magic, I still anticipate an exceptionally insightful addition to YA. After all, her works always are.


The Lost & Found by Katrina Leno

Similar to the situation I outlined with Enter Title Here, I’ve already read The Lost & Found. As such I can vouch for the sheer awesomeness contained in its pages. So, you know, read it! Katrina Leno’s second novel follows two distinct narrators, Louis and Frances, who mysteriously lose objects/ ideas/ skills/ etc. United through tragedy, the two have embarked on a relationship via an online support group. After some bizarre events occur in both their lives, a mutual journey to Austin brings them together. What follows is heartfelt moments, cuteness, and a story you have to pick it up. I talked about it at length in my August Wrap-Up so here’s the link for more details: August Wrap-Up


Have you guys checked out any of the books I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

-Keep Calm and Read On


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