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Waiting On Wednesday- Crooked Kingdom

Waiting on Wednesday- Crooked Kingdom.jpgFor those of you new here, Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom is highly anticipated at Megnificent Books. In fact, it’s one of two books that have me going ‘OMG, I need this in my hands right now’ as I eagerly await their release. So, you know, pretty exciting stuff. And while this could have been my WoW every week since I read Six of Crows, I chose to highlight it now. Why? Because it just released yesterday! So that means it’s (hopefully) only a week before my library gets it to me. Now if only Blood for Blood would hurry up and publish. But until both of those things happen, I’m perfectly content biding my time. Just kidding. I’m actually going crazy thinking up all the things Bardugo is likely to do to her fans. But misery loves company, and as such I want you to join me as I practice this nutty thing called patience. So (for the sake of spoilers)… let me tell you a few reasons why Six of Crows is worth checking out to begin with. Firstly; the characters. There’s six in the main cast, and five POV’s to go around; both of which are things that normally strike me as insane. However, Bardugo just makes it works so well! I guarantee you that by the end of the book, each and every one of them will hold a warm place in your heart. This also means that the term conflict takes on a whole new meaning. You care so much about the fates of everyone, that their inevitable peril makes the pages turn faster. I just could not get enough of this story, and subsequently read the semi-gargantuan book in under a week. This is also aided by the incredibly unique storyline. All of the titles link to their Goodreads page (so go check them out), but in a nutshell it follows an Ocean Eleven-esque heist, #itsasgoodasitsounds. And despite all these amazing merits, the greatest argument I have for it is one immeasurable by technique. That being, the story is simply mesmerizing. It will suck any reader in from the get go, and remind you what truly good storytelling is all about. More or less, Six of Crows is impossible to forget. And this, of course, explains my excitement at the duology’s epic conclusion. You can’t just let a book like this go! However there are a few things I need to see from Crooked Kingdom, in order to solidify its status in my mind. Specifically, more growth from the characters. Though they’re already awesome, it’s because of this that I place such high expectations on Bardugo. I absolutely have to know their backstories, and am so interested to see how their relationships develop (specifically, Matthias + Nina = goals). So many appealing options, and so many opportunities for literary gold. I also need the stakes to stay just as high as they were in Six of Crows. That edge of your seat excitement was so integral to the stories momentum, and I would hate to see it stunted here. But like I said, with that ending it’ll be hard for anything short of sheer awesomeness to go down here. Finally, I just want to see the world of Ketterdam explored in greater depth. It’s such a fascinating setting, and I would love if this story could take us deeper into its nooks and crannies. So with all this said, Crooked Kingdom is shaping up to be a fantastic sequel. Will you be checking it out in the coming weeks? Let me know in the comments!

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