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Hottest YA New Releases- October

October was an absolutely awesome month for new YA releases! I had my eye on more than a few, and fortunately my excitement was not unfounded. The rave reviews are already rolling in, making it official; my TBR is growing at an indecent rate. A rate I can’t possibly keep up with, less I start reading, stat! Which is why I’ve compiled this list, to tell me the books I have to read before I get buried under the weight of November releases as well. If you have the same problem (which, let’s be honest, all bookworms do), this is the place to be. So without further ado, let’s cut to the books!

1.Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

Main character of Something in Between, Jasmine de los Santos, has just received a prestigious merit scholarship. The culmination of years of hard work, this award will make her college dreams reality. But then her parents share an earth shattering piece of information; their work visas expired years ago. They’re now faced with the very real threat of deportation to the Phillipines. So Jasmine rebels, for the first time breaking all the rules in her carefully structured life, and falling hard for the son of a conservative senator, Royce Blakely. Though Melissa de la Cruz’s new release certainly masquerades as a sweet contemporary (I can already tell proclamations of insta love will abound), it’s based around an extremely hot button issue right now: illegal immigration.Something in Between is exploding right now on Booktube, and I’m hoping my thoughts will be in line with the popular opinion.

2.This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

If you’ve been following Megnificent Books for a while, you might remember me reading Emma Mills First & Then last spring.  Long story short, it’s my favorite contemporary read of the year, and I’m eagerly anticipating Mills sophomore effort: This Adventure Ends. Besides having a gorgeous cover (sensing a theme?), the premise is the stuff that makes hipster hearts thump. It follows Sloane, who falls in with a group of “friends so intense, so in love, so all-consuming” (okay, stay with me), and goes on a cross country journey with them. Not only will Sloane try to track down a missing portrait done by Vera and Gabe’s (the aforementioned friend and love interest) late mother, but she’ll be thrust even deeper into the twins complex lives. The tagline of this book is all about discovering the people you never knew you needed, and hopefully Mills will make me feel the same about her story.

3.Still Life with Tornado by A.S. King

A.S. King is one of my favorite authors, though it feels like an eternity since I last read a book by her. I hope to remedy that in the coming months by picking up her newest release, Still Life with Tornado. As is to be expected with all of her works, it’s a dark contemporary looking into abuse among families. It also has the trademark magical realism of her works, featuring protagonist Sarah in five stages of her life. All are concerned about her, as she battles the grips of an existential crisis, and appear around Philadelphia to aid in present day, 16 year old Sarah’s life. But the problem isn’t the past, the present, or the future- it’s what happened in Mexico four years ago, leading up to her parents violent and tumultuous marriage. This sounds amazing, deep and thought provoking and all those other great adjectives, so of course it’s going to be added to the top of my TBR!

4.Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel

Way back in 2015 I read Kenneth Oppel’s The Nest to mixed feelings. It was decent, but a story too similar to A Monster Calls to be noteworthy. Fortunately, Every Hidden Thing seems to be a story unlike anything I’ve seen done before. It’s pitched as Indiana Jones meets Romeo and Juliet, and sounds like pretty much the coolest thing ever. If you don’t believe me, just look at that cover. Could such a beautiful dustjacket exist on a subpar book? I think not. And even if it was the most God awful monstrosity to ever grace the publishing world, let me just finish telling you about the storyline. It’s set in the nineteenth century Badlands, where the bones of a massive dinosaur lie waiting to be discovered. Competing for the find are Samuel Bolt and Rachel Cartland’s fathers, archaeologists locked in a heated rivalry. However Our protagonists have their own reasons for aiding in the hunt ; Samuel to go down in the history books, and Rachel to prove she has a future beyond marriage. As all readers know by now, nothing goes as anticipated and the two end up locked in a battle of their googly eyed emotions vs. common sense. I think we can all guess which wins.

5.Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

Considering the immense success of All the Bright Places, I’m shocked Jennifer Niven’s sophomore effort hasn’t received the same amount of attention. The cover is beautiful, Niven has an iron strong fan base, AND it’s already rolling in the rave reviews. In particular, one of my favorite reviewers, Cait @ Paper Fury said this about the book “Jennifer Niven’s writing is A GIFT TO HUMANKIND ACROSS THE GALAXIES”. So what’s not to love? Niven’s bomb authorly skills are also accompanied by a storyline set to be amazing, one which I think will particularly resonate with readers.  It follows Libby, a girl once named “America’s Fattest Teen”, as she returns to high school following her mother’s death. Once there she meets charming and popular Jack, who has a secret- crippling prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces). As the two spend time together, per requirement of their community service and counseling, the more they realize they have in common…and the less they feel alone. Hopefully this is as moving as it sounds, and doesn’t rely on the circumstances of the characters to carry the story.

What books are on your most anticipated list? Have you checked out any I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

-Keep Calm and Read On

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