A Reading Year in Review- A Survey of Everything Blog and Bookish 2016…Plus a Look Into Next Year

The Perpetual Page Turner came up with the idea to do a Reading Year in Review, a questionnaire to helps remember all the exciting bookish/blogging things that happened to you! Now in it’s seventh year, I decided to finally participate. And let me just say how much I loved reflecting on this past year, as well as how much things have since changed. It makes me optimistic 2017 will be a fantastic twelve months, filled with awesome books and better blogging. So without further ado…let’s take a trip down memory lane!


1.Best book you read in 2016?

A surprise favorite of mine, Alison Umminger debut, American Girls, is for sure my top read of 2016. As if you need any more reason to check it out, here’s my full review.

2.Book you were excited about & thought you were going to love…but didn’t?

After being completely and utterly blown away by my 2015 Ryan Graudin read, Wolf By Wolf, I thought history would repeat itself with The Walled City. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

3.Most surprising (good or bad) book you read?

Exit, Pursued By a Bear was very close to snagging the title of “Best Book- 2016”, but just came a little short. However that doesn’t mean it failed to blow me away (it totally did). This is especially shocking when you consider I had no idea this book even existed until a trip to the library.

4.Book you “pushed” the most people to read?

Circling back to American Girls, I know I’ve mentioned this one A LOT here on Megnificent Books. But it’s just. So. Good. And underloved. And entirely deserving of more hype. Read it.

5.Best series you started in 2016?

Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger is fifty different kinds of amazing, and I can’t wait to read Wayfarer this January. She’s such a masterful storyteller and that ending = biggest cliff hanger ever.

6.Favorite new author you discovered in 2016?

This award also goes out to Ms. Bracken, of whom I’d heard fabulous things about, yet never read. So glad I remedied that this year, and have a new contendor for “favorite” author.

7.Best book from a genre you don’t typically read?

I just finished the YA nonfiction read Most Dangerous two weeks ago, and let me just say it is AMAZING! It totally dispels any premonitions readers (myself included) may have about nonfiction, by writing a smart, fun, and thoroughly interesting story.

8.Most action packed/thrilling book of the year?

The Detour is short and sweet and will send your jaw to the ground on numerous occasions. SA Bodeen never lets up with the action, making this read well worth it.

9.Book you read in 2016 that you’re most likely to reread next year?

Ain’t nobody got time for rereads…but if I’m forced to choose then Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap is the winner. There’s just so many elements I feel I would understand better the second time around.

10.Favorite cover of a 2016 read?

A Study in Charlotte wins this one, as I’m obsessed with its color palette, quirky ties to the story, and sheer eye catching factor. I would frame this one and put it on my wall.

11.Most memorable character of 2016?

From various reviews I’ve read after finishing Enter Title Here, anti-hero/protagonist Reshma Kapoor seems universally hated, more or less. I, however, absolutely loved her (well, as much as one can) and am still obsessed with her narrative three months out.

12.Most beautifully written book of 2016?

Another favorite of mine, debut author Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock has solidified herself as a writing genius. Her prose is flawless, and lends so much voice to each scene.

13.Most thought provoking book of 2016?

Exit, Pursued By a Bear raises such a valuable conversation about rape culture and society, that I can’t see any way one wouldn’t find it thought provoking. Fruit for thought at it’s finest, all readers will leave this one changed.

14.Book you can’t believe you waited until 2016 to read?

Easiest question on this list. Please Ignore Vera Dietz is bomb (as I state here) and everyone needs to read it. Even if you’ve put it off this long, such as yours truly, it’s still well worth the read.

15.Favorite passage/quote from a book you read in 2016?

I wish I recorded quotes when I stumble across them, but I don’t. However I do remember Passenger had a lot of gems.

16.Shortest & longest book you read in 2016?

Shortest- The Detour is a (not so) measly 215 pages filled with non stop action and thrills. Best two and a half hours you’ll ever spend

Longest- Passenger clocks in at 496 pages of glory. None of which I’m complaining about.

17.Book that shocked you the most?

So many people would love Barnabas Miller’s The Girl with the Wrong Name, yet it remains undiscovered thus far. More than anything else I love it for the never ending twists and turns, that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

18.OTP of the year?

Amongst many angst pairings, I love that the relationship between Louis and Frannie of The Lost & Found always remains sweet. There’s something to be said for cute, and I wish more authors would follow suit.

19.Favorite non-romantic relationship of the year?

Female friendships are the bomb.com, and none are better than Hermione and Polly of Exit, Pursued By a Bear.Their relationship truly does make the book what it is, and offers something all stories should aspire towards.

20.Favorite book you read in 2016 from an author you’ve read previously?

Please Ignore Vera Dietz secures A.S. King as one of my favorite authors, blowing me away in a manner Everyone Sees the Ants just couldn’t achieve. By far her strongest work!

21.Best book you read in 2016 based on a recommendation?

For the most part I’ve more or less given up on magical realism working for me, but a recommendation to read Bone Gap restored my hope in the genre, and introduced me to a fantastic story.

22.Newest fictional crush?

Clark from Highly Illogical Behavior fo’ life. I almost put him and Lisa as my OTP, but obviously I’d rather have him for myself. No fictional guy is as sweet and fun as him.

23.Best 2016 debut you read?

I was obsessed with many 2016 debuts, including: The Smell of Other People’s Houses, American Girls, Enter Title Here, and How to Game the Walk of Shame.

24.Best world building you read this year?

The Crown’s Game may have been a bit of a let down for me, but one thing I can’t fault it for is the worldbuilding. Quality all around, I could feel myself being transported to imperial Russia.

25.Most fun book to read?

Sophie Kinsella is known for doling out the laughs in her books, and that was especially true in Finding Audrey. So sweet and sincere, there was always a smile on my face while reading it.

26.Book that made you cry/nearly cry in 2016?

I didn’t actually cry because there’s another book (yay!), but had that cliffhanger been the end of Passenger some tears would have been shed.

27.Hidden gem of the year?

First & Then by Emma Mills is the kind of contemporary I wish more people would read. It’s sweet and fun and just all around awesome. If you’re in business for a Pride & Prejudice retelling check it out!   

28.Book that crushed your soul?

The Smell of Other People’s Houses is the strongest contender for this honor, blending hope and anguish in a way that absolutely destroyed me. Like I said, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock knows how to hit a reader in the feels.

29.Most unique book you read?

As always, Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens gets an A+ for uniqueness. Had it not been 150 pages too long, the weirdness Bray curated would have been right up my alley.

30.Book that made you mad?

Exit, Pursued By a Bear more than excelled in it’s purpose, making me incredibly upset it’s taken this long for a book like it to be written. It’ll make you a powerful kind of angry, one that will compel you to go out and set forth change.


1.New favorite book blog you discovered in 2016?

Paper Fury. Paper Fury. Paper Fury. It’s my go to blog for any bookish opinion, as Cait’s authority reigns supreme. She’s funny and insightful and her word is law.

2.Favorite review you wrote in 2016?

As much as I love roasting books in review form, my favorite review I wrote in 2016 has to be for American Girls. Looking back half a year later, it just captures exactly what I was feeling when reading.

3.Best discussion you had on your blog?

In light of me falling short at NaNoWriMo year after year, I made this blog post as a fun way “not to fail”. It summed up all of my thoughts on writing perfectly, and I really enjoyed creating it.

4.Best event that you participated in?

Not an event, but I finally got hooked up to NetGalley! I loved receiving E-ARC’s, as well as being a member of the broader book community.

5.Best moment of bookish/blogging life in 2016?

If I can get one more follower before tomorrow, I’ll have reached 125 here on the blog. It may not be much, but I am proud of how far I’ve come!

6.Most challenging thing about blogging this year?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were blogs. However it can be tiring to put so much work into each post, and get little besides personal satisfaction.

7.Most popular post on your blog this year?

YA Summer Beach Reads- 2016 by far won this contest, with 57 views. I never expected that post to do as well as it did, but I guess we all love summer!

8.Post you wish got a little more love?

I tried to capitalize on the Pokemon Go explosion of summer 2K16 by participating in a tag centered around it. I had a lot of fun with it, and would love if it got a few more views.



1.Book you didn’t get to in 2016, but will be your top priority in 2017?

Definitely Blood for Blood. I started it last week, but the Christmas reading slump took a hold of me. However it will be read in 2017!

2.Book you are most anticipating in 2017? (non debut)

Elizabeth Wein is striking back in 2017 with The Pearl Thief, a prequel of sorts to Code Name Verity. Understatement of the year: I am so excited!

3.Debut you are most anticipating in 2017?

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is set to be a powerful, explosive book unlike any before. It couldn’t be more relevant, and Thomas’ voice is an invaluable one.

4.A sequel you are most anticipating in 2017?

As I mentioned earlier, the ending of Passenger  sent my jaw on a nosedive to the ground. Thankfully, I only have to wait until January for Wayfarer.

5.One thing you hope to accomplish on your blog in 2017?

I would absolutely love to hit 300 followers by January 1, 2018 and am eagerly awaiting what this year of blogging brings!

What does your year in review look like? Anything special you hope to accomplish in 2017? Let me know in the comments!

-Keep Calm and Read On



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