Reading & Blogging Resolutions for 2017- My Plans to Set Out and Slay the YA Book Community This Year

In years past the only resolution I could follow was breaking one. It’s my hope though that 2017 tells a different story, one where I’m able to accomplish all my goals. In this post I’ve laid out five reading/blogging goals I’ve tried and failed at in the past, in hopes this is the yer I do it! I had so much fun writing this post, and feel it made me better prepared to actually succeed. Fingers crossed it wasn’t just a trick of my brain. So without further ado…let’s cut to the books!


1.Get over the ‘300 follower’ benchmark

Even though there’s so much more to blogging than the followers, I’d be lying if I said getting a new visitor to your blog isn’t immensely gratifying. It’s also the easiest way to tell how your writing is getting across, as well as resonating with your audience. So with that in mind it’s a huge goal of mine to get over the 300 follower mark. Really, it’s in an effort to achieve this goal that all my other resolutions are based upon. Right now I’m sitting at 137 followers, so it’s a long way to go before I see this dream be achieved. In the mean time I’m going to focus on making sure each post is relevant and interesting, while displaying my voice in a unique way. It also doesn’t hurt to post more than a few times sporadically every month, so I’ll also be focusing on managing my time and prewriting posts. I hope that come next December I look back on where my blog is currently and think “Wow, I thought that was a good post?”. Blogging is a journey, and I have yet to even close the first chapter.


2.Read 85 books

The last two years haven’t been the best reading years for me, as I just barely missed the ‘50 book’ mark. Of course, that makes my goal of reading 85 books seem challenging, if not impossible, to achieve. But as a book blogger, someone whose supposed to have an engaged opinion on ALL the new releases, I sort of think it’s my job to stay up to date with the happenings in the YA world. And that obviously entails reading a greater than average number of books. Besides, how else could I be convinced that my exponentially growing TBR is perfectly acceptable? 😉 Eighty-five books in twelve months breaks down to roughly reading seven per month, a lofty goal Goodreads currently says I’m on track with. Granted we’re only twelve days in, but still. There’s just so many amazing books I NEED to get to, and so little time. The only solution? Read more. As in way more. So thankful for challenges like #DiversityBingo2017 for keeping me on track.


3.Post five times a week

Circling back to my goal of reaching 300 followers, I would love to post five times a week. Up to this point, that hasn’t happened. As I write this post though I’m trying to channel all my ambitions into just sitting down and putting key to screen. Hopefully that energy can carry over into tomorrow. There’s so many ideas I want to see completed (beyond being penned in my planner), both from this upcoming year and 2016. And obviously the only way for them to all be completed is posting more! It also serves the dual purpose of (hopefully) increasing traffic here. I need to channel a little bit of my inner Buzzfeed and post often and about a variety of subjects. I can’t wait to see the changes Megnificent can undergo having a few more posts under its belt. May this be the first of many!


4.Grow my social media

For someone living in the 21st century, using social media as a business tool is still a pretty foreign concept to me. I think a big part of that is because book blogging is so different from other blogging medians (ie. I can’t think of a single way Pinterest could be used to grow a YA book following), meaning a lot of resources strike out for me.  Oh, and not to mention that I’m horrible about keeping up to date with Twitter. With those two outlets exed out, that leaves Goodreads and Instagram. It’s one of my goals to be more active on GR, including posting all my reviews on there (see goal no. 5). But more than anything I would love to add to my Instagram feed, beyond the three photos I currently have up. Bookstagram is practically a field of blogging in itself, and if I could take photos even half as gorgeous as some accounts I’d be a very happy bookworm. This one’s going to take a lot of time and practice, but I’m eager to see what’ll happen when I incorporate it into my day.


5.Write a review for every book I read

Reviews are probably my favorite type of post here on the blog, yet rarely do I ever actually get around to writing them. For one, they’re incredibly time consuming to post. Mostly because I take horrible notes when reading (aka no notes at all), so I have a hard time gathering my thoughts in a cohesive manner. And for two, they’re just not that eye catching from a “person on the Internet” POV. However, as I said earlier, I just love writing them. That feeling when you write the perfect sentence, one that so aptly captures everything you felt when reading, is just amazing. And when it’s been a year, or two, or three since you read a book, it’s nice to have an eternalized account of exactly what you thought. Likewise, when you have a black sheep opinion (often is the case with me) it’s the best thing ever when someone comments saying that’s exactly how they felt when reading. Even though another one of my goals this year is to read more, I still hope this is something I can achieve. Fingers crossed!


What are your goals/resolutions for 2017? Did you achieve what you set out to in 2016? Let me know in the comments!

-Keep Calm and Read On

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