10 YA Books Collecting Dust On My Shelf Since 2K14…And My Plan to Read Them This Year //AKA A Guide for Procrasinators

10 books on my TBR...That need to be read by 2018.jpgI’ll be the first to admit that my TBR had grown way past an acceptable level. I could practically feel the virtual shelf buckling under the strain of all that possibility. Unfortunately, this also meant I needed to assess the books I was truly interested in reading. It was hard, but I managed to knock 100 books off my TBR. And once that was over, I took a look and found ten novels that have been sitting around collecting cyber dust for at least a few years. From that I decided it should be my goal to read all of them by the end of 2017, less they spend even more time with their spine uncracked. Since all of these have been waiting long enough…let’s cut to the books!


Illuminae by Amie Kaufman

This one’s only been sitting on my TBR since 2014, when I first heard of it through the booktube grapevine!!! I think we can all agree that is way too long for any book to sit on a shelf ], especially one as beloved as this. I’m still as excited by the concept of Illuminae as I was all those years ago, but science fiction is definitely intimidating for me. If you’re one of the 47,000 Goodreads ratings (a club I soon want to join), I would love to know your opinion. Should I wait until fall for more “seasonally appropriate” reading weather? Should I wait until March when the third book releases so I can marathon? Inquiring minds want to know!   


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Do I even need to say why I want to read this one? Probably not, because the words JENNY HAN are enough of a reason in themselves. In a nutshell though, it’s becoming difficult for me to have any authority on YA contemporary when I haven’t read (arguably) the best work of the genre out there. The book anyone and everyone who enjoys YA has read. Not to mention that I have been killing it lately knocking contemporary off my TBR, and I’d love to add this one to the list before the magic is up. May the stars align so I can finally say I’ve embraced a Lara Jean curated, Pinterest utopia.


Big Littles Lies by Liane Moriarty

I’d actually never even heard of this one until HBO decided to turn it into a miniseries. Of course, I don’t have HBO so I never watched it…but the loads of positive reviews convinced me I needed it on my TBR. I check out very little adult fiction, so this would be my first venturing into the “genre” in 2017. I just love that it reminds me so much of Desperate Housewives (a guilty pleasure of mine), and has some softcore mystery/thriller elements mixed in with family drama. Added bonus: it does not contain the word girl in the cover (breathes sigh of relief).    


Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

I’m attempting to read more nonfiction and personal essays this year (read: not very successfully), and Bad Feminist seems like the perfect place to start. I’ve read nothing but rave things for Gay’s sophomore effort, Hunger, but thought I might get more out of it if I went back to where it all began. This collection of musings is extremely popular as well, with over 40,000 ratings and a 3.9 average. I don’t really see where I can go wrong, as it certainly could not be more timely for 2017. Are you a fan of these types of memoirs? Is this one I should give a shot?


Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

I’m actually shocked I didn’t take this one off my TBR after reading Dumplin’ to very negative feelings last year. That would normally be the first thing I’d do, though this one gets to stay because I loved, loved, LOVED Ramona Blue. It was everything I look for in a contemporary, and I just could not get enough of it. Now the question that remains is whether Side Effects May Vary will fall in with the former, or the latter. If it’s anything like I’m hoping for however, it could quickly become a fast favorite of 2017. If you’ve read all three of Murphy’s works would you say they’re all very separate from one another?


Landline by Rainbow Rowell

It’s my goal to read every book by Rainbow Rowell, and this one, plus Carry On, are the last one’s on the list. I’ll admit, I’m much more excited for Landline than Carry On, if for no other reason than because Rowell’s other adult novel, Attachments, is my absolute favorite book by her. I’ve heard slightly less rave things about Landline, which is why I’ve been reluctant to check it out thus far. The premise is interesting to me though, and I love a good piece of time travel fiction. In your opinion, how does this one stack up against her other releases?


Forever… by Judy Blume

I recently read an ARC for I Never by Laura Hopper to very mixed feelings. It’s being heralded as the next Forever… by reviewers, natural considering Hopper’s in depth exploration of teen sex and other taboo subjects. And while I loved that aspect of it, I couldn’t help but feel the rest of the book was lacking. So I thought it was only fitting if I checked out where the comparisons were being drawn from, and see if I could find another excellent book in the process. This is also the only book on my TBR with a publication any length of time before 2005, so I’m interested to see how that compares to the YA I typically read. Fingers crossed!


Roomies by Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando

As someone who’s getting ready to leave for college, I definitely feel like Roomies is a must read. I’ve never read anything by Sara Zarr (yes, another one of the my shortcomings as a book blogger) and the one book I have read by Tara Altebrando I hated. However this one seems so different from all their prior work, and also weirdly under hyped for two popular authors, that I think it’s worth giving a shot. ESPECIALLY when you consider how few contemporaries are out there that discuss the biggest change in any young person’s life. Really, I challenge you to find a YA book not set in the high school days. Anyways…I could not be more excited for this one.


City of Savages by Lee Kelly

I haven’t read a dystopian novel in a long time, and I’m sort of in withdrawal for a good one. City of Savages, which released at the tail end of the dystopian craze, seems perfectly capable of filling that hole in my heart. It’s set in the not so distant future, in a not so unbelievable world, and I’m so looking forward to immersing myself in it. I don’t exactly think this is a perfect summer time read, so I may save it for sweater weather. Have you read any solid dystopians lately? Or did you swear them off circa 2015?


You by Caroline Kepnes

I love second person POV, and a mystery in it? Even better. I’ve had pretty terrible luck recently with thrillers, all of which seem to be either predictable, slow, or entirely un-thrilling. This one though is a tried and true favorite for many readers, so I think it’s worth a shot. I am a bit hesitant going in because I’ve heard less than stellar things about the sequel…but, maybe I just won’t keep reading. We all know I don’t have the best track record with series anyways. And because summers are for contemporaries and stalker stories, hopefully this one can find its way onto my ‘read’ shelf soon.


What books do you need to read by the end of 2017? Have you read any of the books on my list? Let me know in the comments!


-Keep Calm and Read On

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